My name is Timothy Adam Venable.

A few things about myself…

  • Born and raised in Iowa. (Like Bob Dylan sang, “The country I come from is called the Midwest”).
  • My appendix ruptured ten years ago. I almost died.
  • I worship John Cazale.


And Then They Fell by Tira Palmquist at Brimmer St. Theatre Company (Los Angeles):

“Venable is exceptional…as Jordan’s slick but uber-creepy predator guardian.” – Travis Holder,

Dancing at Lughnasa at Portland Stage Company (Portland, Maine):

“Venable’s irresistible charm allowed the audience to understand how Chris keeps foolishly falling under Gerry’s spell.” – Portland Press Herald

“Michael’s come-and-go father, Gerry, whom Tim Venable gives a nimble, crackerjack charisma.” – The Portland Phoenix

If You Can Get To Buffalo by Trish Harnetiaux at Son of Semele Ensemble (Los Angeles)

“…a brittle, fragile Tim Venable as the high-strung, virtual cross-dressing New Yorker writer John.” – Stage Raw

Henry IV Parts 1 & 2 at Shakespeare & Co. (Lenox, MA)

Timothy Adam Venable is an outstanding Hotspur…During the second act, which encompassed the events of “Henry IV Part II,” Venable contributed yet another memorable performance as the Ancient Pistol, another swaggering member of Falstaff’s entourage, ravaged perhaps more than any other character to the temptations of alcohol and irresponsible living. –


A workshop run of my new solo play about John Wilkes Booth, entitled American Brutus, will premiere at Son of Semele Theatre‘s Solo Creation Festival July 20 – 23rd.

Tickets are available here:

I am in PROGRAM 2, with two other short solo pieces, and individual tickets are 15$.

American Brutus | Tim Venable

A new solo play that goes into the heart and soul of our country’s most notorious assassin, John Wilkes Booth, by using Booth’s diaries following Lincoln’s murder as he fled the scene of the crime, letters written to friends, family, and loved ones, performed in a dynamic interplay with powerful scenes and speeches from Shakespeare’s plays.



Tira Palmquist‘s new play And Then They Fell at Brimmer Street Theatre Company here in Los Angeles, directed by Amy K. Harmon, opened in September.

And Then They Fell is about two young people forced to live on the streets without the safety of a home, and Brimmer Street is partnering with My Friend’s Place, a non-profit organization in Los Angeles that assists and inspires homeless youth to build self-sufficient lives.

100% of ticket sales of the production went to benefit My Friend’s Place.

Read the story here.


I was on location in Nashville, TN last year shooting the new Copeland music video (my third for the band), “I Can Make You Feel Young Again,” directed by Cale Glendening, off their AMAZING new album Ixora.

It was an incredible experience working with the Nashville crew:

Gear Seven Creative (Production Company)

Cale Glendening (Director)

Emilia Paré (Production Still Photography)

Hayley Bidez (Makeup Artist)

Watch the video: