Hi, I’m Tim. Thanks for looking at my face.

In lieu of boring you with a lengthy biography, I’ll just list a few things about myself that might be of interest…

  • I was born and raised in Iowa. (Like Bob Dylan sang, “The country I come from is called the Midwest.”)
  • My appendix ruptured ten years ago. I almost died.
  • I worship John Cazale.

I look forward to helping you tell your story.


I was on location in Nashville, TN earlier this year shooting the new Copeland music video (my third for the band), “I Can Make You Feel Young Again,” directed by Cale Glendening, off their AMAZING new album Ixora.

It was an incredible experience working with the Nashville crew:

Gear Seven Creative (Production Company)

Cale Glendening (Director)

Emilia Paré (Production Still Photography)

Hayley Bidez (Makeup Artist)

Watch the video here: