by Timothy Adam Venable


“By what name are you known?”

“There are some who call me…Tim.”

  • Born and raised in Iowa. Like Bob Dylan sang, “The country I come from is called the Midwest.”
  • My appendix ruptured ten years ago. I almost died.
  • I worship John Cazale.


“Venable’s gentle Swiss Cheese… acted with soft eloquence.”Variety

Venable is exceptional.” Travis Holder, Arts In L.A.

“Venable’s irresistible charm allowed the audience to understand how Chris keeps foolishly falling under Gerry’s spell.” – Portland Press Herald

“Michael’s come-and-go father, Gerry, whom Tim Venable gives a nimble, crackerjack charisma.” – The Portland Phoenix

“…a brittle, fragile Tim Venable as the high-strung, virtual cross-dressing New Yorker writer John.” – Stage Raw

“Timothy Adam Venable is an outstanding Hotspur.” – Examiner

Venable contributed yet another memorable performance as the Ancient Pistol…ravaged perhaps more than any other character to the temptations of alcohol and irresponsible living. Examiner