writing & directing


Best Christmas Ever. Written by and starring Tim Venable. Directed and Edited by Joseph M. Petrick.

Note: if you’re watching on your computer/smart phone & you’re having trouble with sound, try using headphones (you should be able to hear the Voiceover clearly). 

Brooklyn, Maybe. Short film written and directed by Tim Venable. Starring Tim Venable, Ruby Wendell, Meghan McLellan, and Mattie Hawkinson.


HandwritingTwo-character play (1F, 1M). Staged Readings at The Road Theatre Summer Playwrights Festival (Los Angeles); Shakespeare & Co. (Lenox, MA); workshop performance at the Abbie Hoffman Died For Our Sins Festival at the Mary-Arrchie Theatre (Chicago, Illinois); Rogue Machine Theatre: Play Development Series The Dramaturge’s Table (Los Angeles).


Your Body is Changing. One-Hour Television Pilot: adapted from Jack Pendarvis’ title story, about horny Christian teenager Henry Gill and his epic journey with fire and brimstone outsider artist Brother Lampey.

Singin’ the BluesAn original feature-length screenplay about the friendship and racial tension between jazz legends Bix Beiderbecke and Louis Armstrong, set against the backdrop of the Roaring Twenties and Prohibition-Era Southside Chicago.

  • Part 1 of 20th Century Jazz Trilogy 1920’s/30’s

Kafka Was the RageFeature-length adaptation of Anatole Broyard’s title 1940’s Greenwich Village memoir, about sex, jazz, and art in post-WW2 New York City.

  • Part 2 of 20th Century Jazz Trilogy 1940’s

Untitled Bebop ProjectThird installment of the 20th Century Jazz Trilogy following real and fictional characters from the Bebop jazz movement and the Beat Generation.

  • Part 3 of 20th Century Jazz Trilogy 1950’s